Discovered I became pregnant after separation with long term boyfriend, need advice..

Discovered I became pregnant after separation with long term boyfriend, need advice..

I happened to be in a loving 6 12 months relationship with my boyfriend, We moved around for him and devoted myself to him completly

Therefore I give most of the facts he could be 26 and I have always been 32, therefore we have actually only a little age huge difference, he had held our relationship personal from their family members so when his mom learned, on our anniversary she began advicing him to split it well, he could be too young and it is perhaps perhaps perhaps not in deep love with me personally it is only a routine, their dad claimed age huge difference and stated never to get severe beside me, and this led to a few arguements and force from us to operate for all of us after which confussion on their component after which total separation. This is a suprise to any or all our buddies that we were seperated as they had seen us together and where shocked.

We went from seeing eachother, doing every thing together and talking to eachother each day early early morning noon and evening to no contact after all, making me really unfortunate and resentfull. Then I discover seven days in to the split up after the first ultrasound so I would be 100 % sure the pregnancy was healthy and moving forward that I was positive with a pregnancy test, over the next week there was still no contact and I had a blood test which came out positive, I decided that I would tell him.

After no contact for just two days we called him up to inform him that I became expecting and before we told him i then found out that he had been happening a date that evening with a lady who he fancied and chased in past times before we had met along with triggered issues for people during our relationship, we felt betrayed and really hurt and this made me start yelling about him walking away on me personally and just how he could begin venturing out using this woman. we fundamentally told him over the telephone in regards to the maternity and then he had been surprised, had a need to think, wished to speak to their dad and then talk to me personally.

We talked again the second time and then he stated with me but there would be no point getting together or married as we would only end up seperating which is not fair to the child, I thought this was a crazy statement, when I asked him why he couldn’t answer that he wanted to be involved with the child and come to the doctors. He had been cold regarding the phone and did not recommend talking in person by what had happend, he seemed he had been in disbelief and I also had been aggravated still in regards to the other woman therefore the discussion did not end well, i did not recognise this cool persona also it seemed which he had been intending on keeping their distance and having throughout the relationship, seeing one other girl and moving forward, also though I happened to be pregnant.

We finished up telling him We hated him and wished I experienced never liked him and shut the device, it was 6 times ago and then he is not in touch since and neither have We. I messaged their friend that is close abroad he thinks it is best to give him room while he’s surprised and frightened of dedication. That we need to keep him invovlved using the son or daughter and provide him the opportunity to miss me personally and eat up the maternity.

With this we have actually cried each day, have actually thought betrayed, ignored, hurt and heartbroken, i’ve arrived at stick to my dad that is far away from him getting myself together while having been happy together with his support.

Personally I think that during my mind i ought to begin to build myself and obtain I feel very sad for my unborn child who as things are looking at the moment will grow up from seperate parents who once loved eachother over him but in my heart.

I will have my ultrasound that is second in days, you think i ought to offer him the opportunity to come and feel the youngster ? Must I get in touch with him before then to speak about the maternity or simply offer him room ?

I will be afraid if We give him an excessive amount of room he might form a fresh relationship using this woman although it appears to be a rebound in which he may just forget about me personally, which appears stupid however it is a fear.

We keep considering the estimate if you adore something set it free, if it comes down straight back it’s yours if it does not it ended up being never ever yours to start with.

I additionally stress him making such an effort to get over our relationship if I spend to much time apart my heart may go cold from all the pain of no contact and.

I do not would you like to beg him to remain because he loves us not out of obligation but I also want to feel that I tried to get him to think clearly about the decisions he is making and know that I would love to be a family as I want him to be with us.

Please assistance I would personally love some advice, i will be a frightened expecting panicky girl, thrilled to be anticipating but sad to accomplish it alone. any advice.

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